about us

The humanitarian association has emerged with the support of the Football Association, KF Bashkimi, which was in summer 2014 reactivated. From the experiences of roommates in the diaspora, it was decided to set up a humanist association. This association supports the Koretin locality and the local residents.

The first General Assembly was organized in Regensdorf ZH on 10-26-2014. The statute was presented and adopted. The management has been selected. At the first instance, the mission of the association promotes the human and cultural values, tolerance, and peace of the population.

The association, shoqata humanitare koretini, is a required supportive factor for building the open social structure by which the human values are cultivated, and where the life and the peace of the living and the contributing residents are respected in Koretin.

Motto of the association is: Never regret. If it was a good deed, it would be remembered. If an act did not succeed, it would nevertheless serve as a teaching experience.