house building

When we founded the association, we defined our objectives. At the first instance, we were concerned that the entire resident population and the Koretin locality receive an added value of our favor expression. In early 2015, the humanitarian association decided unanimously, to build a new, pragmatic house for a needy resident, who lived in a very precarious housing situation. The fundraiser began and within weeks, the financial resources for the creation of shell were secured. The plan documents, which were created for free by an architect from the locality, contracts and a rough schedule with the builder, were created in a short time; the start of construction took place on 27 July 2015.

The dot house is oriented to the south. It is divided among base, trunk and roof. Two bedrooms, a living room with kitchen and bathroom structure the house.
This initiative emphasizes the principles of the association and reflected a strong solidarity on the local population. There is nothing better to give someone a blessing of hope and a smile on the face. In the future, we will continue our efforts to make important decisions in order to give an added value to the people and the Koretin locality.

On behalf of our association, we would like to say a big thank for this campaign to all charity operators, mainly from the local population. In particular, we thank our construction manager, Mr. Rexhep Klaiqi, who supported our generosity free of charge and coordinated all the work.